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Many incredible weapon and various other sprites: Instead, they plan to kill and devour Miles. Retrieved from " http: Contents [ show ]. Nintendo Creating these epic musical masterpieces: Spazmatism's second form transforms into a mechanical mouth A lot like the Eye of Cthulhu. Retrieved from " http:

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At least not unless you assume everyone in Terraria The Twins will only remain as long as it is Night , and will flee the battle at dawn, similarly to the Eye of Cthulhu. They discuss wanting to kill Miles and taking his tongue and liver but decide not to at the moment out of respect for Father Martin's request to not do so. The flames have a limited range, so with proper equipment, it's possible to outrun them for a while. Spiritron looks exactly like skeletron prime but has a hood and blue eyes.

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Miles is able to avoid them and run through the room they were in, escaping across a series of broken wood planks which leads to him losing his camera. The Twins are not seen again, but it could be assumed they were killed when Murkoff's private military contractors stormed the building on the orders of their higher ups to contain the situation by exterminating all hostiles, referring to The Variants. After regaining his camera and obtaining the key for the chapel, the bald twin breaks in with a cleaver but Miles sneaks past him and gets to the locked gate, where the other twin can be seen watching him. Contents [ show ]. In the Showers, they ambush Miles in the dark, walking at him from front and behind, forcing Miles to jump out a window and hang from the edge to avoid them. In the Prison, Waylon encounters The Twins reciting the first few lines of their discussion they had in front of Miles, behind a gate secured with a chain. They do not have severe deformities caused by the Morphogenic Engine like the other inmates, in fact none at all.

They are best known for their lack of clothing. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.

At Father Martin's ceremony, they open and close the doors for Miles, ceasing all hostility. However, their loyalty to Martin means enough to them to allow Miles a headstart before they start hunting him down. Their defining trait is their nudity, having shed absolutely all clothes. One is nearly bald and the other has some hair in the middle of his head. They at some point became followers of Father Martin, evidently very faithfully, enough to suppress their homicidal tendencies. They later act as doormen for Miles in attendance of Father Martin's ritualistic crucifixion and do not even speak of killing him. Instead, they plan to kill and devour Miles. This article's content is marked as Mature. They are not seen again. Although they confront Miles multiple times and track him down through the entire madhouse, they eventually cease their pursuit and are not hostile any longer when Miles arrives at the chapel to watch Father Martin's self-immolation. They are first encountered in the Prison Block, standing behind a metal gate. Much later on, they are encountered in the darkness of the Female Ward, waiting for Miles behind double doors. They are slightly bloodstained and often carry one large machete each. They discuss wanting to kill Miles and taking his tongue and liver but decide not to at the moment out of respect for Father Martin's request to not do so. Retrieved from " http: Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. Despite their loyalty to cult leader Father Martin, they decide to ignore his orders to ignore Miles Upshur in Mount Massive. It is very possible that they are just normal men who are simply lethal since they are armed and Miles is not. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. The Twins are rather average looking men. They might want to eat Miles after they kill him, as they calmly discuss wishing to take his tongue and his liver along with discussing their desire to kill him very nonchalantly to each other. Despite this, The Twins are loyal followers on Father Martin, putting off their murder of Miles out of respect for the priest before they decide to kill him. All that is clear is that they were apparently inmates at Mount Massive Asylum and may or may not have been subjected to the Morphogenic Engine Therapy. It is unsure whether or not they were exposed to the Morphogenic Engine as no documents recounting their therapy are found and they are not deformed. Shortly after, they are found behind another locked gate and decide that they have given him enough of a chance, will give him a running start and then shall kill him. However, they are slightly inconsistent with this, ignoring Waylon right after expressing this desire and giving Miles a chance to escape in the Showers. Sign In Don't have an account? The Twins do not show any extraordinary abilities, although they are strong enough to easily stab Miles through and then behead him with their machetes. However, they do share some repulsive physical features, implying that they could have been products of inbreeding. The bald brother at one point wields a cleaver, however. Waylon navigates around to that area and The Twins walk out in front of him, but for some reason ignore him and allow him to pass. They have homicidal desires, wishing to kill anyone they come across. They have a somewhat amusing discussion and consider pulling him in and slitting his belly open, but for some reason decide not to. Not much is known about The Twins' past.
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